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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy is a systemic approach to therapy, taking into account family, community, culture, society, etc.

Marriage and Family Therapists consider and address all the factors that affect an individual’s ability to to function at his or her highest potential and the family’s ability to solve problems and live more harmoniously.

MFTs work with individuals, couples, and their families to help identify  existing strengths, along with areas, needing change, in order to find solutions for behavioral and mental health issues.

This systems approach uniquely qualifies MFTs to collaborate with individuals and families with social workers, school psychologists, special ed staff, administrators, DCF, legal counsel, etc. when necessary.

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What is Intuitive Energy Healing

A modality of working with change and transformation in the body. We have a physical body which we can see with our bare eyes. We also have a subtle body or energetic body, which holds information about who we are and what life experiences we carry. People who are intuitive can senses conditions of the subtle body. People who are clairvoyant receive pictures and images within in the subtle body realm. People who are clairaudient can hear messages that the body may convey or messages that may come from a higher source. Everything we do is recorded in our physical body or our subtle body. Some life experiences store in our bodies as blockages and we can either feel stuck or we have a physical manifestation of that blockage, such as an illness. Intuitive Energy healing is a way to access the energetic or subtle body. It is working with the spiritual aspect of ourselves, and our soul.

What is EMDR?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. Repeated studies show that by using EMDR people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy that once took years to make a difference. It is widely assumed that severe emotional pain requires a long time to heal. EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma. When you cut your hand, your body works to close the wound. If a foreign object or repeated injury irritates the wound, it festers and causes pain. Once the block is removed, healing resumes. EMDR therapy demonstrates that a similar sequence of events occurs with mental processes. The brain’s information processing system naturally moves toward mental health. If the system is blocked or imbalanced by the impact of a disturbing event, the emotional wound festers and can causes intense suffering. Once the block is removed, healing resumes. Using the detailed protocols and procedures learned in EMDR training sessions, clinicians help clients activate their natural healing processes.

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