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I feel lost. Where do I go from here?

I wanted to take a few moments to tell you how much I appreciate your wise and effective counseling…When my daughter finished her first session with you, the first thing she did was to call me and tell me how excited she was that she had found you. In the weeks since that first visit, she has seemed like a changed person. I cannot thank you enough!—Marie

If you are thinking to yourself “I just don’t know my life’s purpose and how to get there” then you’ve come to the right place.

These are trying times. This isn’t the world your parents knew. You’re moving on from the intense social and academic pressures of high school and college into a life by yourself and for yourself.

This new life comes with its own significant pressures.

You want independence, to make your own way in the world but perhaps you need the support of your family emotionally and financially.

I help young adults with issues like leaving family behind, finding purpose and direction in a world of opportunities, being part of something larger than ourselves, exploring one’s own identity and values, and finding meaningful relationships, and to fulfill your potential.

How I can help

For many of my patients, their mid-20s is a turbulent time. It’s a period of huge change, like leaving home, building a career, and attempting to settle down to start a family. These stresses can force underlying psychological issues to significantly impact daily life.

For one patient of mine in particular, these issues became overwhelming.

Like many young men of his age, he loved video gaming. But for him gaming had become all-consuming. Because he spent so much time gaming he didn’t complete his school assignments and was forced to drop out.

Without the social environment of school, he found himself all alone. Growing up in virtual gaming environments, he didn’t know how to meet people in the real world. Consequently, he found he was spending more and more on going out to meet people (unsuccessfully), feeling increasingly guilty about his spending, and increasingly depressed about his social situation. His social anxiety had turned into fear.

When we met, he was in a dark place—swept up in debt, loneliness, and depression, and spiraling downward.

There was no single solution to this complicated situation, so we broke the problem down and tackled it from different angles. We worked together on practical life skills to help him structure his time and money to allow him to take concrete steps to control his life (together with encouragement and motivation to help him through). And we’ve used therapeutic techniques to identify and resolve some key issues that were burdening him with guilt, anger, and abandonment.

So, now he is about to graduate from college, with good job offers in the wings. His finances are looking better every day. And he is dating. When we meet, he smiles and radiates confidence.

As often happens with my clients, I’ve found that my broad background and experience is invaluable in helping them
most effectively. They can turn their lives around to grow into happier, calmer and more successful people.

And that is truly and deeply gratifying to me.

Take the next step

Life can be a fun, meaningful, compelling journey.

Together we find out who you are, where you want to be, and then step confidently into the life you dream for yourself.

Contact me at 646-389-8020 or online for a free 15-minute consultation.

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