Help for Individuals

What’s holding you back, and what will propel you forward?

We all have multiple roles and responsibilities in our lives—as parents, bosses, children, spouses, colleagues and friends. They help define who we are and can be immensely fulfilling and rewarding.

They are often, however, the source of anxiety, fear, doubt and other obstacles to our happiness. These obstacles are usually deeply-rooted in the expectations of the people, cultures and institutions that have surrounded us all our lives.

I help you understand these powerful invisible forces that shape our lives. And I help you work through those feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that undermine our relationships, hold back our careers, and stifle our personal growth.

Together we will find ways to help you heal and to find the harmony that will lead to a satisfying career, rewarding relationships and a healthy, creative life.

How I can help

Uncovering the root sources of fears is not enough to move on. It requires learning how to work through them and release the burdens they carry, which is where I can help.

For one client, a traumatic experience with test taking as a child threatened to ruin her career. This brilliant, motivated and successful woman was required to pass a professional certification, but she failed the exam several times before. Taking the test, her childhood trauma resurfaced and she froze, unable to answer the questions.

In fact, she had been fired from a previous position because of it and was facing another termination. The stress and anxiety took over her personal life and led to the break up of a longtime relationship. Things looked bleak when she came to me.

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques and practical exercises, I helped her learn to manage her anxiety. I also worked outside my role as counselor to create a supportive environment, including petitioning the Certification Board for extended time, and helping her improve her test-taking techniques.

She passed the certification and was promoted. With the weight off her shoulders, she was able to embrace the opportunities in her life she couldn’t see before. She now runs her own very successful small business.

Take the next step

Identifying the obstacles that limit your happiness is your first step to creating a rewarding and meaningful life. If you feel you could benefit from some support and guidance, please contact me, so we can set up a time to chat. I’d love to learn more about you and the challenges you’re facing, so, together, we can develop a plan for you to access your best self, move past your obstacles and live your best life.

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